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Enhanced Springbank Park Recreational Use

September 21, 2008

It’s being recommended that vehicles be restricted from the portion of the Thames Valley Pathway System (the multi-use pathway system that extends along the edge of the Thames River) that’s in Springbank Park.

At long last, changing safety and environmental principles are beginning to influence pathway and road systems in a way that limits vehicle/pedestrian conflicts. But, we’ve still got a long way to go.

London’s daily newspaper finally got around to reporting on this on 2008/10/03 (“People may bump cars off roadway“; LFP).

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It’s the Wrong Message

August 25, 2008

It seems that City Hall recently allowed the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency to stencil advertising on bike paths. Today’s LFP describes the ad campaign (“First ads to crack city bike paths get easy ride“; Jenni Dunning).

How did that escape me? Could it be that they rolled it out quietly so that nobody would be the wiser? A quick look on the city website using it’s own search tool failed to turn up any mention of this ‘initiative.’

Scott Stafford (the city’s parks and recreation division manager) is quoted as saying that “we thought it was a way to try something new to get some interest in our pathways.”

It’s a shame that they had to pervert Candy Chang’s idea which I promoted in my 2008/04/25 post.

If the City cares about the health of Londoners, physical and mental, it should immediately rethink this short-sighted strategy of wasting public easels to assault us with more commercial advertising. Inspirational messages and public service announcements would be a much better use of this valuable resource.

Blogging Withdrawal

March 7, 2008

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Thank you, thank you, thank you… I have access to the blog again!


Skewed Priorities?

December 3, 2007


That’s how much some senior members of City Hall staff and some members of Council appear to be willing to pay to “beautify” the pollution plant/ waste depot that’s on Oxford Street West.

I’m not opposed to visually enhancing our community. In fact, I’ve advocated for graffitti removal, public art, regulation re abandoned grocery shopping carts, etc. But is this a good deal for the money? Could it be done as well for less? Should it be done as long as other more important things are being underfunded or ignored altogether?

What ticks me off is the way that the City appears to decide upon the propriety of spending tax dollars, sometimes large amounts of it, without attempting to weigh the comparative importance of one initiative against another.

This “beautification” project is a perfect example, because the amount of money being proposed is almost as much as the City spends over the course of an entire year on Walkway Lighting. And let’s not forget to inadequate way that City Hall attends to landscaping along sidewalks and pathways. And let’s certainly not forget the pedestrian safety concerns that I’ve raised with respect to Commissioners Road East, particularly the design of the Commissioners/Pond Mills intersection (which a police report confirms is dangerous to pedestrians and which City Hall has ignored for this entire year).

But there’s little cause for City Hall to worry about such trivial concerns as pedestrian safety, having secretly “swept” my proposal for a Pedestrian Committee “under the rug” instead of dealing with it in public. Until pedestrians have a seat at the table, we’ll continue to be attacked and injured and killed needlessly.

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