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Was It News?

May 6, 2008

A-Channel News today presented it’s viewers with a story about a Woodstock firm called Luminous Media that manufactures what it describes as outdoor & large format ‘single skin EL posters.’

Derek Rogers delivered a story which undoubtedly left most viewers with an impression of “Oh, that’s cool!” On it’s website, A-Channel bills itself as “London’s News Leader. The News You Need, From the Team You Trust.” But this story didn’t contain a hint of any critical thinking, which some of us still expect from a so-called ‘news’ source.

Was it news, or was it simply disguised advertising?

I’m upset by the story which I saw. It undermines the efforts which I’ve made to combat the intrusion of such technology into our community.

I’m going to attempt to contact Mr. Rogers and persuade him to cover the other, more serious, newsworthy side of the story. But in the event that I’m ignored, I suggest that you check out the links below.

Other Links:
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Earth Hour 2008

March 31, 2008

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Noting that “most United States newspapers did not play up Earth Hour” and that the Canadian papers which were reviewed “previewed Earth Hour a lot more prominently” and “dominated with Earth Hour pictures,” David Gough asks, why did Earth Hour have a larger profile in Ontario? 01


Changing Urban Perceptions

December 20, 2007

One of today’s articles (‘Prestige About Being in the City‘; National Post; 2007/12/20) quotes James McKellar (Academic Director; York Univ. School of Business). Here are some comments that I think are worth taking note of: