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The Human Race is Doomed; Happy New Year!

December 31, 2007

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Global warming is irreversible. Kind of takes the air out of your noisemaker, doesn’t it?

So far as predictions go, this one doesn’t exactly fill me with happy feelings. But it’s hard to simply dismiss it, given the source.

If you didn’t take notice when the article was published in October, you can still read it HERE.


Proposed New 2008 Water Rates

November 15, 2007

At it’s meeting yesterday, Board of Control received a staff update with respect to the water rates. Randy Richmond writes about it in today’s paper (“Lower water rates on tap“; London Free Press; 2007/11/15).

A proposed drop in rates for residential users would be offset by an increase in rates for “industry, commercial businesses, highrises and institutions.” Long overdue, in my opinion (read my last post on the subject HERE).

No doubt about it, industrial rates do significantly impact some businesses. Labatt’s is a heavy water user that comes to mind. But if the quote attributed to Tom Gosnell that “we will have on paper a fair system, but no industry and no jobs,” then I think that he’s out to lunch. If there’s such fear-mongering going on down at City Hall, then Bud Polhill’s prediction that 2008 will be “a year of hell” may well come true.

Here’s a thought. Jack up the rates as suggested, but consider a rebate to some businesses which is contingent upon the size of the workforce that they have employed over that corresponding period.

Let me know if you think that I’m out to lunch as well.

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2007/11/21 – LFP: 9% hike sought in city water rates