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Zero-Waste Public Events

December 7, 2007

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A delegation representing TREA, Waste Free World and Home County appeared at the 2007/11/26 ETC meeting along with this written submission about reducing the volume of waste at all downtown special events.

ETC directed that recycling receptacles be installed “in all City-owned and managed facilities by June, 2008.”

So far, so good.

The matter of waste elimination was referred to administration “to report back on the viability of conducting a pilot project to commence in 2008, with appropriate resources and finances, and the requirement for an evaluation report once the pilot project is completed.”

Seems pretty obvious to me that the pilot project is viable. The devil’s always in the details. We’ll have to keep our eyes on this to make sure it gets a fair chance to prove it’s worth.

Hamilton’s New Garbage Limits

November 30, 2007

It’s more confusing than it has to be. It will take a lot longer to put in place than is necessary. But despite all that, Hamilton’s new policy on garbage pickup is going in the right direction, and puts London’s 4-bag system to shame.

3 x 23 kg. containers (MAX). Extra containers get an “oops” tag and are left at the curb.

2 x 23 kg. containers (MAX); one must be a clear bag for non-recyclables and non-organics ONLY (if it contains anything else it will be tagged and left behind). Extra containers get an “oops” tag and are left at the curb.

2010/04/05- 1 x 23 kg. container ONLY. Extra containers will be left behind.

Exemptions Special consideration for households with more than three children under five years old to allow for diapers.

Special consideration for residents with medical conditions.

3 x 3-container days (following Victoria Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s).

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Proposed Hamilton Garbage Limit

November 17, 2007

Something that may be of interest, especially to those who like to gripe about London’s 4 x 20kg garbage container limit…

Staff at Hamilton’s City Hall are recommending the imposition of a one-bag or one-can-a-week garbage limit starting in March (“City aims for one-bag garbage limit in ’08“; Eric McGuinness; Hamilton Spectator; 2007/11/17).

Hamilton has set a target of trying to divert 65% of household waste into blue boxes and green carts instead of garbage bags by 2008, but only managed about 40% last year.

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Library Service Reduction

February 17, 2007

As I mentioned yesterday, the 2nd-floor central library’s entrance to the Galleria Mall has been arbitrarily closed to patrons.A significant convenience, it was deprived without the library’s customary fanfare and without any prior public consultation.

Here is the explanation which I have now received from Nancy Ward (Manager, Public Services) :

The Library is aware that the closure of the second floor entrance will be inconvenient for some of our customers. This was a tough decision and was based on an analysis of many factors. I will try to explain why we feel that this is a decision that will benefit our service.

Security: Security of patrons, collections and staff will be enhanced by having one service point on the main floor. This will enable our security staff to be able to monitor the entrance effectively and efficiently.

Main Floor Revitalization: The Library is in the process of major changes to our first floor. We envision more displays, popular collections and high demand items in this area. This will make a very inviting place to visit. In order to provide more assistance to customers on the first floor we are concentrating our staff resources at one entrance.

Service Efficiency: Holds, self check units and customer service staff will all be concentrated in one service area. This is a more efficient use of staff resources given the much lower usage of the second floor. In addition, it will provide more opportunity for staff to provide customer service at the desk.

I hope that this outline of our reasons for deciding to close the second floor service point will answer your question. The Library also hopes that you will find the new first floor area well worth visiting.

Click here if you wish to find out who is responsible for this service reduction and how to contact them.