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My Evening’s Excitement

May 14, 2008

fire truck

These guys showed up after somebody spotted smoke coming from our dryer vent. A false alarm, but nice to have it confirmed that when you live in a Neighbourhood Watch community, somebody’s always looking out for you.

Earth Hour 2008

March 31, 2008

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Noting that “most United States newspapers did not play up Earth Hour” and that the Canadian papers which were reviewed “previewed Earth Hour a lot more prominently” and “dominated with Earth Hour pictures,” David Gough asks, why did Earth Hour have a larger profile in Ontario? 01


Harder Than It Should Be

November 12, 2007

OMG! I finally got a response with respect to my communication about drive-thrus! Mind you, it took several more emails than it should have had to. And it looked like they were trying to keep it out of the public record. Why do they have to make this so hard???

Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 19:54:37 -0500
From: Baechler, Joni
To: Gregory Fowler; Lorelei Fisher
Subject: RE: City Wide – Drive Through Review


We will make sure your comments are part of the public record.


—– Forwarded Message —-

From: Gregory Fowler
To: Lorelei Fisher
Cc: Joni Baechler; Kevin Bain; Roger Caranci
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 9:15:46 AM
Subject: Fw: City Wide – Drive Through Review

Ms Fisher,

Bad enough that there’s been no response to my communication. But worse, I note that my communication to Mr. Parker is absent from tonight’s Planning Committee agenda. Specifically, “Responses to…” re item #15 (Regulation of Drive-Thru Facilities). I trust that you attend to this omission.


Greg Fowler.

A Public Response to Sandra Pavan

September 15, 2007

In a recent Letter to the (London Free Press) Editor, Ms Pavin complains about “aggressive pedestrians.” Since our only daily newspaper does such a poor job of indexing reader submissions, it would likely be a miracle if Ms Pavin or hardly anyone else ever noticed my response. Case in point… the preceding link will take you to the main “Letters” page where you can scroll through the list of letters and try to find Ms Pavin’s submission. But there’s no permalink provided to the submission, else I’d have been able to link you directly to it. IMO, the London Free Press wants to give the appearance of being responsive to it’s readers, without enabling them any more than it absolutely has to.

Here is my response, submitted moments ago:

[submitted using LFP website form]

As London’s most publicly outspoken pedestrian advocate, I suggest that you visit my blog and review my posts in such categories as “pedestrians,” “public safety,” etc. I would be pleased to have you and other citizens submit your comments, and to join me in lobbying City Hall for a Pedestrians Committee such as exists in more enlightened communities. And in getting Ward 1 Councillor Roger Caranci to respond to my emails ;(

Any thoughts? Leave a comment using the submission form below, or click here for an email form.

Khalil Ramal’s PR BS

September 4, 2007
FlickOffLiberals graphic
pig pic
Pigs at the Trough

Notwithstanding the fact that the election writ hasn’t been dropped and this is therefore legal, I find it distasteful that London-Fanshawe Liberal MPP Khalil Ramal’s office just sent out a full-colour glossy 5.5″ x 8.5″ PR postcard.

The justification from politicians for these things (and politicians of EVERY political stripe do it) is that it’s to keep their constituents updated about what’s going on. But, come on… how informative are they, ever? Truth is, these things are mainly taxpayer-funded PR pieces. The intent is to raise the politician’s name recognition, the biggest single factor in electoral success.

What I find most objectionable about this mailout, is the attempt to portray Ramal as somebody who is responsive to his constituents because he was “moved” by a purportedly oxycontin-influenced double-suicide and thereafter “introduced a private member’s bill to monitor the prescription of drugs like this one.”

Tugs at your heart strings, doesn’t it? I’m sure that it’s meant to.

Well, I’m another one of Ramal’s constituents. How responsive has he been to me?

To begin with, he didn’t demonstrate any respect for my democratic rights when I tried to contest the last municipal election and ran into a roadblock by ODSP and asked him for assistance. Apparently, that didn’t bother him at all.

Ask yourself this question… If Mr. Ramal doesn’t have any respect for the democratic rights of other citizens (and the right to participate in the democratic process is about as fundamental as it gets), then does Mr. Ramal have any moral right to hold public office himself?

Another example. I’ve been very active trying to promote pedestrian rights and speaking out about pedestrian safety issues. I was instrumental in having London police do a study about the intersection at Commissioners/Pond Mills, which is in the riding that Mr. Ramal represents. It’s one of those “channelized” intersections which are becoming increasingly popular with city engineers, and they’re characterized by rounded corners and pedestrian “islands.” In the study, London police confirm that this design is dangerous to pedestrians. Has Mr. Ramal shown any concern about this? Has he discussed the situation with the city? According to my recent Freedom of Information appeal, the answer is NO. Has he responded to me? The answer is NO.

I’ll give him credit for this though… he doesn’t seem to miss very many photo op’s.


My Public Response to Councillor Winninger

April 9, 2003

Emailed to Councillor Winninger earlier today:

Having viewed the latest broadcast of Politically Speaking, and having heard your question about London Police Services that “God knows, they probably need the extra constables, but can we afford all this?” I would make these observations.

Vehicle/pedestrian accidents are increasing in this community, most recently the one at Dundas & Richmond streets. I first warned in my letter to you dated 2001/01/24 that, without intervention, we would soon begin to copy the Toronto experience. Specifically, I wrote:

“I have charged (and will continue to do so) that it is only a matter of time, probably sooner rather than later, before people start dying because of vehicle-pedestrian accidents.”

Despite my letter to you dated October 6, 2002 with respect to the potentially near-fatal incident involving my grandson, and despite your verbal declaration following my 2002/10/15 presentation to the CAPS Committee that you would soon be in contact, there has been no repsonse from you.

David, I believe that you and other members of City Council, London Police Services and members of the London Police Services Board, and local provincial politicians, do have blood on your collective hands.


Greg Fowler.