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What Would a PR Result Look Like?

October 15, 2008

This is what the ‘first past the post’ result currently looks like, and for comparison, if they were awarded seats based upon the ‘proportional representation’ percentage of the popular vote that they received:

Conservatives 5205334 37.630 144 116
Liberals 3629990 26.242 77 81
BQ 1379565 9.973 48 31
NDP 2517075 18.196 37 56
Green 940747 6.801 0 21

I can wish, can’t I?


Caranci Postures About Citizen Safety

June 9, 2008

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fowgre avatarAmazing! Astounding! Unbelievable! that Roger Caranci would have the nerve to say “If something were to happen to cause injury or death to someone — I’m very concerned about that.” 01

poster; Roger Caranci, missing in London, OntarioLet’s see what Councillor Caranci has to say about the proposed fence by-law that they’re going to vote on this evening. Better still, let’s see what (if anything) he’s going to say about my submission, given the way that he’s provided me with absolutely no assistance with respect to my efforts to make walkways safer.

And let’s not forget the total lack of assistance that I’ve had from him with respect to the intersection at Commissioners/Pond Mills which a police report verifies is dangerous to pedestrians.

01. 2008/06/07 – LFP: London bridges keep falling down

The MPP Holiday Is Finally Over

March 16, 2008

FlickOffLiberals graphic
pig pic
Pigs at the Trough

Politicians finally return to Queens Park on Monday, but you haven’t heard a peep from the local media about this absentee problem have you? Why not? It’s the first time that our elected ‘representatives’ have been in session this year. 01 In actual fact, the legislature has sat only two weeks in the past nine months! 02 It’s the first time that they’ve been in the legislature since pocketing another automatic salary increase which kicked in as fast as the new year began. Too bad that they couldn’t move as fast to get back to work. Nice gig if you can get it.


STV Gets Another Shot in BC

March 5, 2008

Although the ‘yes’ side attracted 58% of the votes in BCs 2005 referendum on a STV (Single Transferable Vote) system, the measure did not pass because of an arbitrary 60% bar. Sort of like the stacked deck that London’s politicians dealt from when they asked citizens whether or not we wanted to retain our Board Of Control.

On May 12th, 2009 British Columbians will get another chance.

Understanding BC-STV
2008/02/22 – The Tyee: Funding Found for New Vote …
2007/11/08 – BC Green Party: …YES to Improving Democracy
2008/01/13 – Liberals For Electoral Reform: …STV is the best alternative…
2008/02/14 – Gauntlet: An examination of proportional representation

CBA – Cast Your Vote Now

January 14, 2008

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logoThe first round of voting for the Canadian Blog Awards has now begun. Everybody (that’s you) is eligible to cast a vote in each category for their favorite blog.
The first round of voting ends in one week’s time.

I’ve nominated 3 deserving local blogs, and I ask that you give them your support…

Best Group Blog: Four Mugs and a Crock

Best Photo/Art Blog: Written Inc. and Cartoon Life

To access the voting page, click HERE.

PAC Meteor

November 19, 2007

Push Me
After I saw Doug Rogers’ post, I thought that an actual poll might be instructive.

The question is: To clear space to build a Performing Arts Centre, where would you like to see a meteor strike London, Ontario?
Press the button to answer.

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NDP Pay Pledge

September 13, 2007

pig picKerry Gillespie correctly writes that “The NDP have long cried foul over the wage hike Liberal and Progressive Conservatives MPPs voted for just before Christmas” (“Hampton vows $10 wage, MPP pay cut“; Toronto Star; 2007/09/13). He tells us that Hampton has “vowed” to “immediately” raise the minimum wage to $10 “if elected” and then “index it to inflation.”

To begin with, if you hop on over to the NDP site you’ll see that this is listed under “Headlines” as a “Key Commitment” instead of one of the Party “Campaigns.”

Next, a reminder that political promises are worth a big fat ZERO. No politician can be trusted to keep them, even if he’s wearing NDP orange. Remember the NDP’s policies re: Sunday Shopping, Public Auto Insurance, etc. and what happened after Bob Rae was elected?

Does the fact that Mr. Hampton is raising the stakes matter to you? A vow, I’m sure you know, is more than just a simple promise. It is a promise before God. Does Mr. Hampton even believe in God? Does it matter? Mr. McGuinty is a Catholic, and that didn’t stop his record number of broken promises in the last election campaign.

Even if Hampton and the NDP genuinely care about the poor, does the vow platform promise commitment talking point go far enough?

The minimum wage shouldn’t just be indexed to inflation. That won’t do anything to suppress the growing disparity between the rich and the poor in our society. That won’t do anything to keep our political “leaders” in touch with the reality of being poor. As I have advocated for so long, better to tie political salaries to what people on social assistance receive.

2007/09/13 – NDP promises to raise…
2007/09/13 – Globe and Mail: Ontario NDP promises $10 minimum wage
2007/09/13 – LFP: Hampton promises to roll MPP raise back
2007/09/14 – Toronto Star: Hampton vows $10 wage, MPP pay cut
2007/09/14 – Globe and Mail: NDP in office would increase…

Recorded Council Votes

June 14, 2005

While listening to CJBK’s morning talk show today I overheard Morris quip “Go to a meeting and ask them how they voted.”

One of my long-standing complaints (click here to read my submission to the London Free Press).

In this technological age, there is no good reason why every vote of Council is not a recorded vote, and why that information should not be readily accessible on the city web site.

Record the Police Budget Vote

February 10, 2003

As reflected in the email that I sent to members of City Council earier today… I expect that “yeas & neas” will be called for when the police budget is voted on.

It is imperative that citizens know who is responsible for any decrease to a request that was understated to begin with.

As the individual who has probably been more publicly outspoken about the need for an increased budget than any other citizen in recent years, there is however, one item that I would like to see criticized. That is, the decision to move the downtown foot patrol office from Dundas & Richmond (where it was very visible) to the Market (where it’s out of sight).

Recorded Council Votes

November 21, 2002

My submission to the London Free Press:

With respect to the article in today’s LFP “Council comments, grades, don’t add up” (Mary Zelinski; London Free Press “Letters”; 2002/11/21).

I agree that the voting record of council members should be published. It should be available on the city’s web site.

Can somebody tell me, with the advances that have been made in technology, why isn’t every Council vote a recorded vote? And why aren’t the minutes of meetings that are posted on the city’s web site in HTML format, and hyperlinked, so that citizens can easily find the information that they’re interested in? Instead of a proprietary PDF file format that stymies information searches?