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My Public Response to Councillor Winninger

April 9, 2003

Emailed to Councillor Winninger earlier today:

Having viewed the latest broadcast of Politically Speaking, and having heard your question about London Police Services that “God knows, they probably need the extra constables, but can we afford all this?” I would make these observations.

Vehicle/pedestrian accidents are increasing in this community, most recently the one at Dundas & Richmond streets. I first warned in my letter to you dated 2001/01/24 that, without intervention, we would soon begin to copy the Toronto experience. Specifically, I wrote:

“I have charged (and will continue to do so) that it is only a matter of time, probably sooner rather than later, before people start dying because of vehicle-pedestrian accidents.”

Despite my letter to you dated October 6, 2002 with respect to the potentially near-fatal incident involving my grandson, and despite your verbal declaration following my 2002/10/15 presentation to the CAPS Committee that you would soon be in contact, there has been no repsonse from you.

David, I believe that you and other members of City Council, London Police Services and members of the London Police Services Board, and local provincial politicians, do have blood on your collective hands.


Greg Fowler.